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How Are You Doing?

It's been a month since I had a complete thyroidectomy after battling severe hyperthryoidism for 4+ years and I'm often asked how I'm feeling. In a word, better. I don't feel like I'm dying anymore, so that's a big improvement.

I'm still tired all the time. Simple tasks like running errands wear me out so I've missed some social engagements and I'm still not making a ton of plans. The next couple of months are actually pretty busy some I'm really trying to focus on resting and recuperating. My hair is still falling out and the scar on my neck is still pretty bad. And while I'm sleeping better I still have some insomnia. I have an appointment with my doc next week and I bet we'll be changing up my meds.

My voice is getting better... slowly. I've had two doctors confirm there isn't any vocal cord and/or nerve damage, so hopefully it will continue to improve. And my body temp has leveled out a bit. I'm not dripping sweat all day. I'm probably the only one who actually enjoys winter's cooler temps.

So things are getting better. Practicing patience at this point (and it's not always easy). I'll keep you posted.

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