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Dunkirk: Movie Review

I've been waiting for the release of Dunkirk for a while now. The trailer for the movie was intense and the film did not disappoint. It tells the tale of allied troops under attack on the beaches of Dunkirk, France during World War II. In the end, hundreds of thousands of men were evacuated from the beaches thanks, in part, to civilians who used their personal boats to to help the cause.

My thoughts... if you have issues with motion or sea sickness, take Dramamine. Most of the scenes involved movement - on water, in the air, in boats, hanging onto piers.... all things that might trigger motion sickness. If you're susceptible, definitely be prepared. The scenes are shot so artfully that you'll start to feel every wave, every plane nosedive.

Early in the movie, I recognized a familiar face. One of the main characters is portrayed by Harry Styles of One Direction fame. After Ed Sheeran's ill-received cameo last week on Game of Thrones, I was a little worried. But Harry was good... really good. He's got solid acting chops and definitely contributed to the flick. He even made me want to eat a sandwich... he masterfully inhaled any food that was available for the troops.

The movie does bounce around a bit. Actually, a lot. It was hard to follow the different points-of-view at times. In one scene a boat would sink, then several scenes later the same boat would sink but from a different perspective. It was confusing.

I'd totally recommend Dunkirk. It's a solid action flick without the bloodiness of films like "Saving Private Ryan." The film piqued my interest and made me want to learn more about what happened on those shores. If you like period and/or war dramas, check it out.

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